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Ordering a crystal photo necklace for women can now be very convenient and easy. You will just have to choose the style of your necklace and then place your order online. The crystal photo will be mailed directly to your loved one or you can hand deliver it in a padded envelope. Your loved one can take it home just like any other jewelry. With a crystal keychain for women, she can always put on her earrings and charm bracelet anytime she wants to.

Engraving techniques: You can engrave a photo crystal with the help of a 3d image program. There are various software available in the market for this purpose. You need to just engrave a word or phrase that you want engraved on the crystal. If you want a simple design, just use a regular text and choose a engrave font of your choice. To add some depth to your message, use a curvy type of font.

Popular optical glass crystal photo blocks are offered in a number of beautiful styles such as antique crystal photo block, luminous crystal photo block, double sided crystal photo block and a triple sided crystal photo block. Select a block according to your liking and then engrave your photo using a text tool or by using a laser tool. If you are unsure about your texturing skill, don’t worry; there are many professionally trained crystal jewelry engravers available on the internet who would be happy to assist you.

Collapsible collage forms: If you have purchased a standard sized crystal photo frame, you may want to go in for a collapsible collage form. This would be a great idea especially if you have purchased a crystal photo frame with a removable back-case. The collapsible collages can be made into various interesting shapes including circles, triangles, squares, pentagons etc. Some of these forms can also be cut into various figures like hearts, stars, eagles and pterodactyls etc. These can even be used as wedding invitations.

Crystal Photo Rings: If you wish to add a personalized touch to your wedding accessories, you may want to opt for crystal photo rings. A popular trend these days is to add your names and the date of your wedding ceremony to your crystal ring. You can even engrave them with meaningful quotes. These rings are a perfect gift for all your loved ones. Also, this could be a good option to decorate your engagement party with.

Engraved crystal photo frames: Nowadays there is a huge collection of crystal photo frames available online. Some of them come with their own unique features. For instance, some of them come with flip up doors whereas some others feature hidden compartments. These special photo frames can be ideal gifts for your parents, friends and colleagues. With such engraved crystal photo frame, your loved ones will surely cherish those cherished memories.

3d Photo Cube: If you would like to gift something that will be worth keeping and remembering, then a 3d photo cube is the best option. It is a simple and unique way to show your love and affection to your special someone. With a 3d photo cube, you are sure to impress all your loved ones with its beautiful design and exquisite craftsmanship. Your recipient will definitely be pleased to have such a lovely present.

Crystal Photo Pouches: If you are looking for a more customized option, then what you may look out for are crystal photo pouches. They can hold a different number of pictures. These photo pouches are very useful if you need to take several photos at different occasions in a single day. For instance, if you have to attend a wedding on the same day, you may not want to carry lots of standard photo cameras with you. Thus, with this unique option, you will be able to present your loved ones with something they will definitely appreciate.

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