Why Choose 3D Laser Engraved Crystals?

For more than 40 years, award winning photographer, Mark Langan, has been using the award winning technology of photo crystals to create spectacular photography awards and trophies. This technique is not only used for stunning photography but to create crystal-clear images that will astound your recipients. Best of all, this is a relatively inexpensive way to create crystal clear award presentations, which you can give to guests at your wedding, birthday party, children’s birthday party or any other occasion.

The secret to crystal pictures‘ brilliance lies in the laser etching process that Mark Langan’s company uses. By etching a photograph negative using a custom laser engraved device, the energy spectrum is broken down into tiny beams that are then focused on each crystal. Once these beams are energized, the energy diffuses through the crystal, producing a sparkling effect that is highly reflective. To create crystal pictures, Langan uses a hand held hand camera called a Lumix. While using a hand held camera, the professional photographer can control the angle and focus, enabling him to produce high quality crystal pictures that would be impossible with traditional cameras.

The most popular crystal photo awards and trophies are those that are crafted from authentic crystal. These crystal trophies have always been a top choice because of their beauty and value. One reason why crystal is so popular as gifts is that it is easily cut and shaped, making it the ultimate custom crystal gift. For example, glass picture frames are nice to use during back-to-school, yet crystal glass picture frames would make a better choice for back-to-school events. Crystal glass picture frames are also beautiful during engagements and weddings.

Since the process of creating crystal clear images is a relatively straightforward process, crystal picture awards and trophies are often personalized with a recipient’s name. In addition to providing crystal trophies for photo contests and galas, many companies also offer laser engraving of names. With laser engraving, recipients are provided with a way to customize an award while still preserving its original quality and value. For example, laser engraved names can be incorporated directly into the crystal while simultaneously transferring a photograph or other image onto the crystal. This process provides a unique way to give a gift of pride to outstanding employees or students.

Because the crystal is so versatile in terms of shape, size, and colors, it has become a popular choice for many different types of gifts. Crystal gifts make great Father’ Day gifts for Dad, a perfect gift for the Businessman, or a great birthday gift for your daughter. Crystal makes a wonderful engagement ring gift for the bride as well. Many people use crystal as a part of their wedding ring decorations because crystal is so beautiful.

Many businesses opt to engrave crystal gifts with a laser machine to create a unique laser engraved crystal piece. Laser engraving gives recipients the option to personalize their crystal gifts with their name or other information. The laser engraving process allows recipients to have crystal gifts that look like they were created just for them. This is one of the many advantages to choosing 3d crystal engraving gifts.

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