Glass Repair

Car Glass Repair is a must have for any car owner, and the reason why is simple really, you never know when you’re going to need it. Most people who own cars only pay attention to the interior of the car, but there is more to a car than just the exterior. And this is true not just of the automobile, but of other things as well as a computer, TV, mobile phone, GPS and even your car’s windscreen.

In most cases, repairs to auto glass is the same thing as repairing the interior of the car. Even if a chip or a small crack is found somewhere else on the car, the only thing that differs is the method of repairing it. However, it is always advisable that you check your vehicle every now and then for small cracks, chips, dents and scratches. This will give you an idea of what is the right repair for the problem.

If there are cracks or chips found in the interior of the car, then glass repair is the answer. The first rule of thumb when car glass repair is to always repair the damaged glass by yourself. If you have any doubts about the repair, you can call in a professional repairman to come over and check on the issue.

However, one important point that needs to be made here is to avoid trying to clean the entire chip with water. The chip itself will be much too fragile to handle, and would break off much quicker than you would expect.

The second, and often overlooked rule, is to use a glass cleaner on the area around the car’s windscreen. While cleaning it with water alone may seem like the ideal solution, it will do nothing to remove any excess dirt or dust from the chip and will leave behind a scratch.

You can use this as a guide when you are planning to fix the chip by yourself. However, if you feel that you are able to handle it without the help of a professional, and you can identify where the damage is on your own, then you can go ahead and clean the chip with the help of a glass cleaner.

Once you have cleaned the chip, you can try to remove the chip using a silicon-based glass cleaner. However, it is important to make sure that you use only mild cleaners, as it may cause irreparable damage to the glass if the chip is left unchecked.

In order to ensure that the chip is completely removed, it is best that you use a small chip remover to get rid of any remaining part that you may have missed. After you have used the chip remover, rinse the chip and re-grease it with silicone grease before sealing it back into the chip using a silicon sprayer.

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